Frequently Asked Questions

Do all wet wood floors need to be replaced?

Whether or not your wood floors are salvageable depends on the severity of the water damage. If the issue was identified promptly, and the appropriate measures were taken, there's a good chance your wood floors can be restored. The key to restoring wet wood floors lies in the drying process. Our team of skilled professionals employs a specialized thermal drying system in conjunction with dehumidifiers, which outperforms conventional methods like fans, ensuring a faster and more effective restoration process. Should we determine at any point that the damage is beyond repair, we will promptly inform you.

What exactly is a work authorization form, and why is signing one necessary?

When you engage Best Option Restoration of SE Nashville for work, we will ask you to sign a work authorization form. This form serves to grant us permission to operate on your property and allows us to communicate with your insurance company by sharing a courtesy copy of the invoice. The work authorization form is crucial for emergency mitigation. Additionally, if there is a need for additional work following the emergency phase, a more detailed scope is typically prepared in advance.

Who bears the responsibility of paying for fire and smoke restoration services?

In most cases, fire and smoke damage repairs are covered by homeowner's insurance policies. At Best Option Restoration of SE Nashville, we can assist you in understanding what is covered by your policy and guide you through the process of filing an insurance claim. Any expenses that are not covered by your policy, including deductibles, are your responsibility.

Is it necessary to identify the exact type of mold?

Although identifying the specific mold or fungus type can be intriguing, it does not significantly impact the recommended course of action. The CDC advises the removal of any kind mold, regardless of the specific type.

How can I ensure the maintenance of clean air ducts?

To maintain clean air ducts, it is important to establish a filter maintenance and replacement schedule based on factors like the manufacturer's recommendations, environmental conditions of the facility, type of facility, and industry. Additionally, regular vacuuming can help reduce airborne dirt and debris in commercial facilities.

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